Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Super ShowIII here we go

-guys just click the highlighted link {Info} Pre-order Tickets for 2010 Super Junior Concert to go on Sale in June � WorldWideELFs's Blog to view the whole information..

OMGD! I just can't wait for the month of February, why? **laughs** simply because SS3 will stop by here in our country Philippines wooo!!Im realy excited, so i must save my own money from now on for this upcoming CONCERT because I'm pretty sure that my parent wouldn't give me money to buy this expensive ticket and they'll nag at me

Mom and Dad:"Czary how come you want to attend in that concert huh?? we're not rich, that was so expensive"

Me:"Mom Dad, ahmm I have my own money I've save my allowance you knoww haha"

Mom and Dad: "oh right hmmm them go on as long as you spend by your"



Anonymous said...

..Hey Cza... Don't forget the album.... >_<
..Sure ba na February un?? :D
..I need more patient pala.. for the ipon'ipon thingy... hahaha... So for now, My goal is worth 15K... kaya ko kaya un??? goshes...!! baka siguro unahin ko muna ung ticket for the seat.. then tska na ung album... siguro nmn may mabibili pa nun... diba.. diba.. ;D

Nako.. Hope you see this comment... hahaha.. it's currently quarter to 3 in the morning.. d parin ako sleepy... hahaha..

Love lots~~!!

-Claudine Suello

Anonymous said...


Cza!! I found some error here on your blog... It's about your "Post Comment"... You must see this... pag nag post ka ng comment, hindi mo makita ung comment footer mo... but I found some techniques din.. to how to post comment...

Just click these link...

First>> http://web6.twitpic.com/img/111803561-2eb1916660a7c4646ca3fff47bca4b78.4c0bf030-scaled.jpg

Second>> http://web8.twitpic.com/img/111804368-0ba30e7d1df912417bf75a7f28ab7f82.4c0bf030-scaled.jpg

Third>> http://web16.twitpic.com/img/111805311-4ab871451f64e9546d0e4698b0a2ca0b.4c0bf030-scaled.jpg

==NaGetz mo ba?? so hirap kasi magExplain pag walang pictures.. hahaha.. try it on your own CZA..


>>You should start ung second step sa tabi ng "PREVIEW" ung "Copy Like" na strategy... CLICK and HOLD then scroll down.. pwede ring after "PREVIEW" =WAG= sa "POST A COMMENT"...

>>pag d mo parin magets,, message mo ko...

GTG... :D

chachii said...

ndi ko gets ah

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