Monday, June 7, 2010

An Epic Day!= Epic Fun x Epic Fail

Hi everyone! I just want to share that this day is An EPIC know why??

Epic Fun

Well first of all because wookie oppa @ryeong9 and yesung oppa @shfly3424 has already their own twitter account, then it means two down from K.R.Y , so I wonder when will our evil magnae will make his own twitter account?? yeeee! can't wait for it.

Second: It's an epic day today for me because ss3 is already confirmed Super Junior will soon kick off their third Asia tour! they will tour around some big cities in Asia including Manila Philippines, Im just too excited.

But I also feel sorry for my beloved 13 boys, oww 10 boys rather[super laughs] .Damn that SME they put suju in a super hectic schedule. It seem like they just finish SS2 last April, then they started promotions for their 4th album with so many schedule, guesting, overseas activities like[in Singapore] then after this Asia/Asian tour again.. Our boys need some rest after all success they've gain as of now. But well I can't do anything just to support them haha atleast in this SS3 I can surely come before my teukkie oppa enters his military service [don't know if it's a rumor or not]. I'm going to earn half of my allowance every month just ti make sure I can buy their expensive concert tickets, well i know though that it''s worth it.

Epic Fail

cause I don't know, but how come I feel so bored today even though I've already read, heard some good updates bout suju . It seems like this day is empty for me maybe because I'm always alone here in our cribs. My mom and my lil' bro are always in their piggery business so I felt left all the time [haha I'm always the taong bahay]

here when boredom attacks me, oww i took this pix a while ago through the built-in webcam of my lappietoppie LOL


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