About Me

Czarina"Czary" Laleine B. Cruz

Hi!I'm Czarina Laleine B. Cruz "Czary" for short, I'm 16 years old, born and raised here in Philippines.. A alumni student of EMCSI[Ebenezer Montessori Christian School Inc.].. Incoming Freshmen in ISCAHM[International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management] Taking Culinary Arts..

Czary   - Is an easy go luck girl..
            - Fun to be with..
            - She loves Asian stuffs..
            - She loves color dark BLUE the most..
            - She loves Kpop, Jpop..
            - She's a loud person..
            - She loves Social Networking..
            - She's Friendly and Independent woman..
            - She loves Fashion..
            - She loves exploring everything..
            - She love's Asian drama especially Jdorama, TWdrama and Kdrama..
            - Her Genre was JPOP, MANDAPOP and some KPOP..
            - She Loves reading books..
            - And she wants to be a successful Chef in the future although she doesn't like                 cooking**laughs**
            - In Short.. She Loves Everything.. Specially CZARY.... :]

○Till here folks..
○Just always stop by to know me more...♥♥

-Czarina Cruz